Re-usable components built using Radix UI and Tailwind CSS.

An unofficial, Kotlin port of shadcn/ui. This is not affiliated with shadcn but inspired by him. This is a project born out of the need for a similar project for the KotlinJs ecosystem.

This is a component library. It's a collection of re-usable components that you can add to your apps.

What do you mean a component library? Is it different from original project?

It means you have to install it as a dependency. It is published on maven-central. You get all the components you need in a single library.

Use this as a reference to build your own component libraries.



  • @shadcn - The brilliant mind behind the designs, methodology, and implementation.
  • Vercel - Where this project is hosted.
  • Shu Ding - The typography style is adapted from his work on Nextra.
  • Cal - Where shad copied the styles for the first component: the Button.
  • @verabyte - The KotlinJs framework: Kobweb which made building this site a lot easier
  • @clovis-ai - Where I got the updated Gradle Configurations for Tailwind CSS
  • @lukeshay - Which provides the published version of shadcn library